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Media is currently buzzing mad about stay-at-home dads. A recent study showed that in 40% of U.S. households, women are the primary and/or sole financial provider. As more fathers choose to stay home to raise kids while their wives pursue a career, advertisers have been quick to shift their attention on these dads as well. Frequently, fathers can be seen folding laundry in detergent commercials or handling diaper duty in ad spots for baby products. The life of a stay at home dad is calling the attention of the nation - Chase Roper and his Stay at Home Dad Cast answers this call.

This is a podcast that aims to entertain and inform listeners as well as give an honest, transparent portrayal of the life of a stay at home dad. A large part of this show's charm is the spontaneous interruptions of the Chase's children. A true stay at home parent cannot so much as use the bathroom without hearing about a recent conflict with a sibling, let alone host any sort of show undisturbed. To produce a podcast without that honest, transparent interaction would be disingenuous. 

If you're a fan of canned laughs and over-produced morning radio personalities, then there are other dad centered podcasts for you. Instead, Chase thrives for honest, sometimes candid, and often hilarious moments that portray real life rather than a staged alternate reality. 

A typical episode would include one or more of the following:

  • Interviews with bestselling authors, actors, comedians, and other guests of interest
  • Reviews of books, kids programming, toys, or other family centered things. 
  • Answering questions from listeners about parenting or marriage issues. 
  • Interraction with my kids (planned or otherwise!) 

About Chase Roper

Chase Roper is one of the internet’s premier comedy writing, podcasting, stay at home dads. He has had jokes featured in the nationally published celebrity gossip magazine Life&Style, and has been a contributing writer for the podcasting network Earwolf and Recently, Chase was contacted by to write articles about how he uses their female dominant platform as a stay at home dad. One such article has been featured on the Today show website. He was also featured in a piece about sharing his struggles in being a stay at home dad.

Since its inception, Stay at Home Dad Cast is now frequently listed among Stitcher Radio’s Top 100 podcasts in Family/Parenting. At its heart, this show is comedy podcast about parenting hosted by a real life stay at home dad.

Guests on the podcast have included Jen Kirkman, Scott Aukerman, Andy Kindler, Jason Nash, John Ross Bowie, Greg Behrendt, Hal Runkel (NYTimes Bestselling author of "Scream Free Parenting) and more.

For information on how to book Chase Roper for a live speaking or podcast event, please use this contact form. 

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